Episode 14. of Googlacle, Superheroes (and EE Guardians), Oracle Stewardship, and Larry Elison’s comfy chair

Oh goodness! There is so much news going on now! Google and Oracle are on round 4 of their lawsuit, and while these giants battle it in Court, it seems that Oracle is stopping investing in Java Development! What does this mean for Java? Is it the end of rapid release lifecycles? Is EE losing too much steam? And just like in the movies, when everything seems dire, a new hero (sort-of) forms. The Java EE Guardians splash the scene! for Truth…Justice…and The Ameri…oh wait, no, that’s Superman. The Guardians are all about convincing Oracle that leaving EE is a bad idea. Would they succeed? Let’s hear what the opinion in the room is about these group of spirited developed banded with a purpose.


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Java EE 8, What is the Current Status: Case Study for Completed Work Since Late 2015 (Josh Juneau)

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Episode 13. The Good (Java Community Process w/Heather VanCura), The Bad (Corporations?), and the Ugly (Conferences and Controversial Speakers)

Do you know that Java can evolve right? Do you ever wonder how that happens behind the scenes? Well, we had a great opportunity to talk to the person that coordinates all that magic from the underside, and discuss, albeit briefly what we feel is great and not-so-great within the JCP. We also get to hear first-hand how changes are happening. Who really controls a change in Java (JSR)? how is leadership transition handled?, and what can we do about it. All questions raised by the most vested host we have (Michael), so take a listen!

Also, what do we do with conferences that have great technical content, but controversial speakers? Is it right to attend? or is it one of those “Knowledge is neither good or bad”? LambdaConf lost support from its sponsors for allowing a very controversial speaker purely on technical merit, whereas StrangeLoop decided to go the safe route and ban him from the conference. Who was right?


  • https://www.jcp.org/en/home/index
  • https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/Adoption/JDK+9+Outreach
  • http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/02/crowdfund-launched-support-programming-conference-refused-ban-speaker/


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Episode 12. It’s our Bday! with tons of news on Lagoms And bending Lights, and Big Blue, a new M$, and Big Red!

There has been a re-christening! Typesafe is no more, and now is Lightbend! And it comes with a new Microservice Framework Lagom.

Also in other news, IBM both announces layoffs, and also comes back and sues groupon for infringing on its patents. What could it all mean?

And Microsoft building Sql Server on Linux? Xamarin acquired by Microsoft? This is a very different Microsoft now! What gives?

Oracle lost another evangelist. Reza Rahman, the Java Evangelist for Glassfish and Java EE left! Is Oracle cutting back on their Java EE Investment? Or even in their Java investment?

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Episode 9. Year-end Review for Java

What are the end-of-year news for Java? What was on-target, and what fell through the cracks? Take a listen where we walk down memory lane and see what were the big hits (and misses) of Java in 2015.
Also, let’s talk about Computer Science and Education. What road do you take to get there? CS Degree? Certifications? Bootcamps? Nothing? Is it important? Hear these three opinionated people on what they value most for becoming a developer.

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Episode 7. What’s going on with Oracle and Java? Also, let’s talk about kids, modding, STEM and CS!

Big Shakeup this month. Oracle had dismissed a number of Java evangelist positions, and there is no official response from Oracle. Also, java.net is no more! What does it mean? Is it the end of Java as we know it? We really don’t know but that doesn’t stop us from playing out what could happen!
Computer Science and Kids! Is it important? Are we doing enough? or too much? Take a listen to get the different perspectives on education and programming!

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