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Stackd 66: Streams, Messages, Events, and a Java User Group

Ian, Kito, and Josh are joined by Java Champion, Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, and President of Chicago-JUG, Mary Grygleski. They discuss news about Capacitor, Angular, PrimeNG Designer for Tailwind, JetBraiins Compose Multiplatform for iOS, JDK 21, AI developer tools, Jakarta EE 10, and more. Kito announces the work he is doing on the Jakarta...

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Stackd 65: Devnexus, indeed

Danno, Josh and Kito recap the always-amazing Devnexus and a discuss a wide-range of topics, including TypeScript 5, RIFE2, Hilla, OpenJFX, Adobe buying Figma, Quarkus, JakartaEE 11, AWS Application Composer, Rust, Java 20, SBOMs, Kotlin, and more. We Thank DataDog for sponsoring this podcast! Front End Server Side Java News Java Platform Other Picks Other...

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Stackd 64: Beware of the Blue Drink

Recorded Date2/24/2023 OverviewIan, Kito, and Josh are joined by old friends and industry veterans Ed Burns and Reza Rahman, who both work at Microsoft on providing world-class support for Java on #Azure. They reminisce about the old days of JavaServer Faces, the evolution of Java EE to Jakarta EE, discuss Jakarta EE 11, Microsoft’s support...

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Stackd 63: One CLI to Rule them All

We’re back for 2023 with Kito, Danno, and special guest Andres Almiray, Senior Principal Product Manager, Database group, to talk about the latest versions of Andres’ JReleaser tool, building CLIs in Java (picocli, JCommander, JCommander, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut), jban,, Jarviz, AI, whether or not Java is over the hill, http4s, and much more. We...

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Stackd 62: Make JavaOne Again

OverviewJosh, Kito, Danno, and Ian are back, discussing the first JavaOne in many years, and welcoming special guest Emily Jiang, Liberty Cloud Native Architect and Chief Advocate at IBM. They discuss JavaOne announcements, ways to avoid cold starts in Java, JDK virtual threads with Helidon Níma and Quarkus, Open Liberty, new releases from NetBeans, Eclipse...

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Stackd 61: May the Source be with You

OverviewJosh, Danno and Kito have a lively discussion about their summer activities, Lightbend (makers of Akka) changing to closed source, GraalVM and AWS Lambdas, Quarkus, Jakarta EE 10, JDK 19, NetBeans, Kito’s new SpeakerTrax product, and more. We Thank DataDog for sponsoring this podcast! Controversy Lightbend changed their license from open source to closed source....

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