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Stackd 58: Raible Rambles about Life, JHipster, Okta, and more

Danno, Kito, Ian and Josh talk with fellow Java Champion and industry veteran Matt Raible about the good ol’ days of his blog Raible Designs, Java web frameworks, and AppFuse, as well as JHipster, Spring4Shell, Okta, Capacitor, KubeSeal, MicroFrontends, and more. We Thank DataDog for sponsoring this podcast! UI / Web Webpack Module Federation

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Stackd 57: BDD Deep Dive!

Seb Rose and Gaspar Nagy join our hosts Kito Mann, Daniel Hinojosa, Ian Hlavats, and Josh Juneau to dive into behavior-driven testing (BDD). They discuss Seb and Gaspar’s BDD books, as well as Cucumber, SpecFlow, Gherkin, the practical testing pyramid, contract testing, and more! They also share their picks: Brave web browser, #Locust, and #Github...

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Stackd 56: Andres Almiray and JReleaser FTW!

Danno, Kito, and Josh join special guest and fellow Java Champion Andres Almiray to discuss Microprofile, Quarkus, GraalVM, Reload4J, JBang, jib, TOML, and dive deep into JReleaser! UI / Web MP 5.0 (Josh) Server Side JavaQuarkus – Quarkus 2.7.0.Final released – Quarkus CLI maturing, Interactive terminal, Oracle Reactive SQL Client… (Kito, Andres) IDEs and ToolsGraalVM...

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Stackd 55: Welcome 2022! JChampionsConf, Log4Shell, Angular 13, JakartaEE 10 and more!

OverviewIan, Kito, Danno and Josh kick off their first episode of the year with a lively discussion about sessions from jChampionsConf, Angular 13, JakartaEE 10, GraalVM,, AI coding assistants, Log4Shell, and more! jChampions Conf 2022 YouTube Channel CodeQL talk IntelliJ talk Migrating Legacy JavaEE App talk UI / Web Angular 13 Released Death to...

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Stack 54. All things Akka

OverviewKito, Danno, and Josh join special guest Francisco López-Sancho (author of Akka in Action) to discuss all things Akka, as well as Scala 3, JetBrains Fleet, Vaadin, MicroProfile 5, Heiledon, M1 MacBook Pros, and more. UI / WebVaadin 22 – Quarkus Support and Stateless Fusion (Juneau) MicroProfile 5.0 – Soon to be released? Server Side...

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Stackd 53. An interview with Richard Fichtner

Recorded Date 10/23/2021 Title: In this episode, Kito, Ian, Danno and Josh welcome special guest Richard Fichtner, Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDev, and one of the organizers of JCON. They discuss #lowcode, running a conference, being CEO, #microstream, #jooq, the future of the #playframework, #rapidclipse, XDEV IDE, #tabnine AI IDE plugin, #jreleaser, #testcontainers, and...

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