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Stack 54. All things Akka

OverviewKito, Danno, and Josh join special guest Francisco López-Sancho (author of Akka in Action) to discuss all things Akka, as well as Scala 3, JetBrains Fleet, Vaadin, MicroProfile 5, Heiledon, M1 MacBook Pros, and more. UI / WebVaadin 22 – Quarkus Support and Stateless Fusion (Juneau) MicroProfile 5.0 – Soon to be released? Server Side...

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Stackd 53. An interview with Richard Fichtner

Recorded Date 10/23/2021 Title: In this episode, Kito, Ian, Danno and Josh welcome special guest Richard Fichtner, Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDev, and one of the organizers of JCON. They discuss #lowcode, running a conference, being CEO, #microstream, #jooq, the future of the #playframework, #rapidclipse, XDEV IDE, #tabnine AI IDE plugin, #jreleaser, #testcontainers, and...

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Stackd 52. Software Architecture: The Hard Parts

Title: Software Architecture: The Hard Parts Description In this episode, Kito, Ian, and Daniel welcome two distinguished guests: Neal Ford (Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWork) and Mark Richards (Independent Hands-on Software Architect, Published Author). They discuss all things related to software architecture, and their new book, Software Architecture: The Hard Parts. In...

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Stackd 51. Covid as the new Normal

Recorded Date 9/3/2021 Description Another great episode with the entire band — Kito, Daniel, Ian, and Josh. They discuss COVID as the new normal, NetBeans, Kotlin, IntelliJ, PrimeBlocks, Java 17 (including Spring’s announcement), Docker requiring subscriptions, and other stuff, too. COVID-19 Virus The new normal? What does that look like for work going forward? Tools...

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Stackd 50. We’re baaack!

Recorded Date 7/23/2021 Description The gang is back for another jam-packed episode! Josh, Kito, Daniel, and Ian catch up and discuss the past year, COVID vaccines as software updates, AI coding tools, JDK 17, Jakarta EE 9.1, PrimeNG, Angular, and much more. COVID-19 Virus Tier Outbreak Dashboard Tools and Tech Github Co-Pilot – License Launderer?...

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BIOS 3: Kotlin and Apache Groovy

Want to learn a fun and modern language for the JVM that has been adopted by the masses? Why not give Kotlin a try? In this session I’ll provide a high level overview of Kotlin and we’ll discuss how you can help contribute to the Kotlin ecosystem.

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