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Stackd 70: Natural Born Advocate

Kito Mann, Josh Juneau and special guest Grace Jansen, Java Champion and Advisory Developer Advocate at IBM, chat about Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMWare, Jakarta EE 11 and the revamped Jakarta EE tutorial, Lit 3.0, JoinFaces, Liberty Tools for IntelliJ, JetBrains AI Service, Quarks and LangChain4J, and JDK 22. They also pick Grace’s brain about how...

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Stackd 69: Tales from Ken’s Side

Kito, Josh, and Danno are joined byJava Champion, trainer, NFJS speaker and book author Ken Kousen. They discuss Broadcom’s Pivotal acquisition, layoffs, AI regulation, Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile, Structured Concurrency, Angular 17, Next.js Server Actions, Mockito, LangChain4J, Semantic Kernel, AI tools, and much more. About Ken KousenKen is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star, developer, technical...

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Stackd 68: Interview with Jeanne Boyarsky

Guest for today: Jeanne Boyarsky is a Java Champion and has grown from an entry developer to a tech lead. She also volunteers at in her free time. Blog: Author of several Java certification books: Scott – co-author Server Side Java Tools AI/ML Java Platform Picking Jeanne’s Brain Picks Other Pubhouse Network...

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Stackd 67: AI NullPointers

Danno and Kito are back for an engaging chat with two Java Champions, who are co-authors of the Visual Recognition Machine Learning API for Java (JSR #318): Frank Grecko (consultant, enterprise architect, NYJavaSIG chairman), and Zoran Sevarac (AI researcher, creator of Neurograph and CEO and Co-founder of Deep Netts). They dive deep into all things...

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Stackd 66: Streams, Messages, Events, and a Java User Group

Ian, Kito, and Josh are joined by Java Champion, Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, and President of Chicago-JUG, Mary Grygleski. They discuss news about Capacitor, Angular, PrimeNG Designer for Tailwind, JetBraiins Compose Multiplatform for iOS, JDK 21, AI developer tools, Jakarta EE 10, and more. Kito announces the work he is doing on the Jakarta...

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Stackd 65: Devnexus, indeed

Danno, Josh and Kito recap the always-amazing Devnexus and a discuss a wide-range of topics, including TypeScript 5, RIFE2, Hilla, OpenJFX, Adobe buying Figma, Quarkus, JakartaEE 11, AWS Application Composer, Rust, Java 20, SBOMs, Kotlin, and more. We Thank DataDog for sponsoring this podcast! Front End Server Side Java News Java Platform Other Picks Other...

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