Off Heap

Hosted by Freddy Guime, Josh Juneau, Michael Minella, Bob Paulin

Take a listen on the most important Java News! If you are a Java Developer, this is a must-listen. 


Episode 48. On Jakarta EE 9 Band-aids, OracleCodeOne Debrief, Unionizing Tech, IBM vs Microsoft and Oracle JDBC Drivers!

Oh Goody, this is the first episode after coming back from both OracleCodeOne and ApacheCon… and things are happening! First off we start that Oracle JDBC Drivers are FINALLY in Maven Central (hey, missed the mark for a couple of years). We then dive into Jakarta EE 9 updates, including Oracle’s position on the “Big...

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Episode 47. Microsoft flexing its Java Muscle, JavaFX is Alive and Well, and “Would you approve my low quality PR?”

Oh gosh, there’s so much news going around, beginning with Microsoft acquiring JClarity (and all that brain trust that comes w/it!). Martinj Verburg, Kirk Pepperdine, and Ben Evans are household names when it comes to Java (including their efforts on spinning and maintaining It shows that Microsoft is serious, and they want to invest...

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Episode 46. On Clouds, 10x Developers, JDK Mystery Meats, and Python bytes!

Ah, “cloud wars” are getting interesting (we claim dibs on the movie title!). With Oracle losing their bid w/the Pentagon, and Microsoft also reaching out and partnering with Oracle, there is tons of interest in what’s going on. But that’s not all! The twitters was set aflame by the 10x Developer twitter that has been...

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