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Episode 46. On Clouds, 10x Developers, JDK Mystery Meats, and Python bytes!

Ah, “cloud wars” are getting interesting (we claim dibs on the movie title!). With Oracle losing their bid w/the Pentagon, and Microsoft also reaching out and partnering with Oracle, there is tons of interest in what’s going on.

But that’s not all! The twitters was set aflame by the 10x Developer twitter that has been going around (for the record, we think is mostly nonsense), and we dive into a hilarious take on what 10x developers are supposed to be.

We also dive into Gil Tene’s OpenJDK Mystery meat, and the threat of “just taking the latest Docker image”. It’s a sobering thought that sometimes even when you see the version of OpenJDK, it might not be the right thing due to the OS packaging, which in turn becomes a Docker reference image. In all a troubling precedent specially when Common Vulnerabilies and Exposures (CVE) are concerned.

Lastly, there are predictions that Python is going to overtake Java as the most used language in the TIOBE index. Of course this crowd will not just take that proclamation laying down. So we went into a heated discussion why and how it is (in our humble opinion) a little rushed to say that python is going to overtake Java in mere four years.

Tons of punditry, enough beer, and a whole lotta entertainment in this episode, so what’cha waiting for? Start listening now!

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