Month: December 2019

Episode 2. On Maven Central Releases and Arquillian

Are you looking to release something to maven central or work on a project that does? This episode Bob is looking to cover release related plugins for open source projects to keeping your code going out the door early and often.

How are you writing your unit tests for enterprise applications? Are they built into your Maven build process? The Arquillian framework provides the ability to create a test harness and bind it to the Maven build. In this segment, we will take a look at Arquillian and how it can be used to test our Java EE applications.

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Episode 1. Let’s break into Microprofile!

This session will dive into the MicroProfile project, which was started by a collaboration of vendors in an attempt to standardize an approach for developing Microservices using Java EE technologies. You will see a brief overview if the project initiatives, and you will learn different ways that you can join in to begin contributing to this open source effort. In this session, we will also cover the basics of becoming an Eclipse committer so that you can become involved in the MicroProfile project.

The second part of the session will focus on the implementation side of Microprofile with Apache Tomee. The session will cover what’s in Apache Tomee currently from Microprofile. Running examples and finding opportunities to contribute to the implementation side of Microprofile.

Thanks again everyone who joined!

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