Month: November 2021

Stackd 53. An interview with Richard Fichtner

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In this episode, Kito, Ian, Danno and Josh welcome special guest Richard Fichtner, Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDev, and one of the organizers of JCON. They discuss #lowcode, running a conference, being CEO, #microstream, #jooq, the future of the #playframework, #rapidclipse, XDEV IDE, #tabnine AI IDE plugin, #jreleaser, #testcontainers, and much more.

Richard / XDEV

XDEV Software

XAPI – XDEV IDE Framework


Server Side Java

Payara Cloud now Available


Open source announcement

jOOQ: The easiest way to write SQL in Java


On the future of Play Framework

IE11 Countdown Clock

Java Web Start is dead. Long live OpenWebStart! –

Developer Tools

Github Copilot

Tabnine – AI plugin



Free Guy (Movie)


Book: Procrastinate on Purpose

AdoptOpenJDK is now Eclipse Tamarin


W-JAX Nov 8 – 12, 2021, Munich, Germany or virtual

JakartaOne LiveStream 2021 – Dec 7th, 2021 in US

Progressive Web Experience Dec 5-8, 2021, Clearwater, FL, USA or virtual Dec 8-10, 2021, Chicago, IL, USA

Archconf Dec 13-16, Clearwater, FL, USA or virtual

CodeMash Jan 11-14, 2022 – Sandusky, OH

Software Design and Development – May 16-20, 2022 – London, UK