Month: January 2018

Episode 38 – Dec 2017

In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss microservices, MicroProfile, Java EE, Wildfly, ActiveMQ, KeyCloak, OpenShift, and Docker with special guest Steven Pousty, Head of Developer Advocacy for Red Hat. They also discuss Polymer with TypeScript, Angular 5, Getting Things Done, the Pomodoro Technique, Eclipse Che, and more.


UI Tier

PolymerTS 0.2.3 Released

Angular 5 Released

Java EE

Wildfly 11 Released

RestEasy 4.0.0.Beta1 Released

Spring Security 5.0.0 Released


Persistence Tier

Hibernate 5.0.0

Services (Middleware & Microservices)

Google Cloud moving to Java 8!


The problem we are all looking at with the new “support model” for the JDK:


Questions for Steven:

  • How long have been in your new role
  • What is your Java/middleware experience
  • Tell us your perspective on
  • How about EE4J
  • What is the advantage of Wildfly/JBoss domain mode now that containerization exists (e.g. multiple standalone hosts on Docker for example with same configuration in mod_cluster environment)?
  • Docker swarm vs. Kubernetes – what are the differences/benefits?
  • What are the most popular open source projects at Red Hat these days?
  • What some of your favorite projects at Red Hat right now
  • Coming from Kubernetes land can you tell us some more about containers
  • What are you most excited about right now – it’s an awesome time to be a Java developer. Actually may be the best time EVER.
  • What areas does OpenShift actually cover? (i.e. how does it compare to AWS, Google Cloud Services, Azure, etc.)

Other topics:


(Any product, tool, etc. that you really like; doesn’t have to be related to programming)

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Eclipse Che and are we ready to move to Web Based IDEs

LocationTech and OSGEO – you too should do geospatial

IDEA 2017.3 Released

Emett – efficient way of writing HTML in editors

Pomodoro Technique



Snow Camp – Jan 24th – 27th 2018, Alps, France

ng-europe – Feb 1-2nd, 2018, Paris, France

Devnexus – Feb 21st-23rd, 2018, Atlanta, GA, US

RiveriaDev – May 16-18, 2018, French Riviera, France

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