Month: May 2024

Stackd 72: Travel, LLMs, Coffee, Avocados, and Almonds


Kito and Danno welcome Edwin Derks, a fellow Java Champion, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE contributor, and Principal Consultant at Team Rockstars IT, as their special guest. They delve into the new Jakarta Data specification, explore the Eclipse Starter for Jakarta EE, and discuss integrating JMS with Kafka. The conversation then shifts to the resurgence of server-side rendering (SSR) for web applications, the latest enhancements in Angular, and the impact of ElementInternals support in Safari for building HTML form-friendly and accessible Custom Elements. They also cover updates on Kotlin, JDK 22, Google’s innovative #AI Generative Interactive Environments (Genie), and energy-hungry LLMs and water, alongside discussions about high-profile security breaches and Edwin’s journey into open-source contributions.

About Edwin Derks
Principal Consultant, Team Rockstars IT

Solving complex and strategic IT challenges is my passion. I’ve helped many customers modernize their software stack, increase their software release processes, and adopt cloud infrastructure. In these projects, I’ve also been building teams and coaching colleagues to realize the right and innovative solutions for the task at hand.

Having a Java developer background, I specialize in Java-related software solutions. As a Java Champion, I’m passionate about gathering and sharing knowledge about anything related to the Java ecosystem and cloud-driven development in general. Therefore, I’m a contributor to open-source projects MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. I’m also a fervent and regular conference speaker, learning and sharing knowledge. In my spare time, I can often be in the gym or have a good time at dance parties or metal concerts.

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Picking Edwin’s brain
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