Month: January 2024

Stackd 69: Tales from Ken’s Side

Kito, Josh, and Danno are joined byJava Champion, trainer, NFJS speaker and book author Ken Kousen. They discuss Broadcom’s Pivotal acquisition, layoffs, AI regulation, Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile, Structured Concurrency, Angular 17, Next.js Server Actions, Mockito, LangChain4J, Semantic Kernel, AI tools, and much more.

About Ken Kousen
Ken is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star, developer, technical trainer, and regular speaker on the No Fluff, Just Stuff tour, as well as the author of the books Making Java Groovy, Modern Java Recipes, Gradle Recipes for Android, Kotlin Cookbook, Help Your Boss Help You, and Mockito Made Clear. He is the President of Kousen IT, Inc., a training company based in Connecticut.

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  • AI Assistant in IntelliJ (Copilot Chat in VS Code)
  • GitHub Copilot
  • Sourcegraph Cody
  • Tabnine
  • Canva (several)
  • Descript (several)
  • Claude
  • Wiremock
  • Mockserver


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