Month: September 2011

Episode 4 – Sep 2011

The JSF and Java EE Newscast, hosted by Kito D. Mann and Ian Hlavats, is a monthly podcast that covers the latest headlines in the world of JavaServer Faces and Enterprise Java development.

JAX / JSF Summit 2011

Kito’s higlights:

  • JSF 2 Ninja Workshop
  • Mergerspeak site
  • CDI and Seam Faces realize the full potential of JSF (Brian Leathem)
  • Case Study: Functional Programming in Scala with CDI (Daniel Hinojosa)
  • Mobile Ajax Push with ICEfaces 2.0 (Ted Goddard)
  • The Future of Java (Rod Johnson)
  • Web vs. Apps (Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer)
  • Riot Games party

Ian’s highlights:

  • PrimeFaces session
  • JVM Performance Tuning
  • JBoss booth
  • ICEfaces booth
  • Virtua booth 🙂
  • Free food / beer
  • Riot Games party

JAX Innovation Awards New Releases

Java 7

Rich Client Faces 1.2.1

PrimeFaces 3.0.M2 Unleashed

Hibernate OGM (Object/Grid Mapper)

Release Notes – MyFaces Tomahawk – Version 1.1.11 – HTML format

Release Notes – MyFaces CODI – Version 1.0.0

Release Notes – MyFaces Core – Version 2.1.1

Release Notes – MyFaces Core – Version 2.0.7

Errai 1.3 Beta

Mule Query Language

GlassFish 3.1.1 has been released! Java 7 inside

WebSphere Application Server 8

Hibernate Core 3.6.6.Final Release

Hibernate Core 4.0.0.Beta5

Hibernate Validator 4.2.0.Final

Announcing IronJacamar 1.0.0

Weld 1.1.2Final Released

JBoss AS 7

Why is JBoss AS 7 so fast?

JBoss EAP 6 Early Access

Infinispan 5.0.0.FINAL

ModeShape 2.6.0.Beta2

HermesJMS 1.1.4


Bean Validation 1.1 has started: join us

New site

First edition of Oracle’s Java Magazine

Ex-Sun Employees and CumuLogic Launch PaaS Beta  

Wesley Hayes joins the RichFaces team

In U.S. Smartphone Market, Android is Top Operating System, Apple is Top Manufacturer

RIM to Offer Android Applications this Summer

Enterprise Tool News

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)

ICEfaces Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) IDE integrations now available

Eclipse 3.8M1 Brings Java7 Support  

JBoss Tools 3.3 M2

JBoss Developer Studio 5 Early Access

IBM Rational Application Developer 8

Genuitec joins the Rebellion! JRebel for MyEclipse released.

JIRA 4.4 Announced

JProfiler 7.0

Artifactory 2.3.4

JXInsight/OpenCore 6.2 Released


InfoQ article: Is it difficult to write REST clients?

REST API best practices (Atlassian/Bamboo)

Getting started with RichFaces 4.0 Push

Better ajax operations and callbacks in JSF with PrimeFaces

RichFaces Mobile Design: Day1, Day 2, Day 3

Multi-Templating with JSF 2 : The Story  

The Top 5 New Features in eXo Cloud IDE

Lightning fast portlet development with JRebel