Episode 23 – Dec 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases of AngularJS, PrimeFaces, MyFaces, Bootstrap, Hadoop, Spring Roo, Tomcat, Arquillian, Spring Framework, Spring Integration, Akka, Solr, Lucene, and more. They also discuss the forking of Node.js, microservices vs app servers, and a recent blog post about why you shouldn’t use JSF.

UI Tier

RichFaces 4.5.1.Final released

MyFaces Core 2.2.6 released

PrimeFaces Elite triple released

AngularJS 1.3.0 Aria support

Bootstrap 3.3.1 released

Persistence Tier

Apache Hadoop 2.5.0 is released

Spring Roo 1.3.0 introduces JDK 8 support

Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.0.3 Released


Arquillian OSGi 1.1.1.Final released

Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha1


Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA Released

Spring Security OAuth 2.0.4.RELEASE Available Now

Spring Framework 4.1.2 & 4.0.8 & 3.2.12 released

Akka 2.3.7 Maintenance Release

Apache Tomcat 6.0.43 released

Release of Apache DeltaSpike 1.1.0

Apache Camel 2.13.3 Released

Apache Solr 4.10.2 released

Apache Lucene 4.10.2 released

Node.js forked


Is Middleware done for in favor of Microservices?

Why You Should Avoid JSF

Events No Fluff Just Stuff