Episode 34. On twitter, IPOs, vulnerabilities, (Java)script name copyrights, and IBMs play on JVM Maintenance

So we start with Twitter news (change your password) to then dive into exciting news this month. There are a couple of notable IPOs and Aquisition including @pivotal, and @smartsheet. (Congrats!). We then take a detour onto Mesosphere raising $125 million (and talk about if all these valuations feel right?) to then see Cambridge Analytica disbanded. Oh, and think twice about naming something with “Java” in your app as Oracle seems to flexing more Copyright muscle. Lastly we see a new play from IBM where they will provide support for OpenJDK’s OpenJ9. What does this mean for Oracle and their commercial support? Only time will tell. But that doesn’t stop us from speculating about it! So take a listen to a fully charged Java OffHeap!


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