Episode 39. RedHat + IBM are now one, and Amazon introduces a new Java Flavor (Corretto)

Oh my! It’s an interesting month in the Java space. IBM just acquired RedHat, and we are just wondering what does that mean for the Java Ecosystem. We don our pundit hats and try to see the different perspective on what that does to their redundant Projects (Openliberty and Wildfly). Also, RedHat is the official maintainer of the OpenJDK 8 branch… What would happen now? (or in the near future) under IBM’s stewardship?

We also jumped into Amazon introducing another OpenJDK flavor, and wonder what does it mean for the (now growing) OpenJDK alternatives. Is it fragmenting? Or growing? What is Amazon’s purpose on its OpenJDK flavor of Corretto?

In all, an incredibly intersting episode. Make sure not to miss this one!

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