Episode 44. A new Soap Opera! Starring Elastic and Amazon (A story of ElasticSearch Open Distro)

Oh my, we take a break for a month, and things happen! We start with the news of the day (JDK 12 is General Availability, so go and download it today!). F5 buys NginX which brings more consolidation in the web appliance/software space, and there is a new Continuous Delivery Foundation! (What does it means for all of us devopsy folks)

Then we dive into some interesting developments in ElasticSearch! You might have been using it, and even contributed to it, but may have not realized that some parts are actually commercial in nature. Amazon is releasing a purely “Free as in Free beer” ElasticSearch Open Distro where there’s no confusion on what’s commercial, since there’s nothing commercial in it. It makes it harder for Elastic to make a buck, but maybe there might be a different monetization model for them? All in all, an exciting episode on how the open source community and for-profit companies are trying to find when the line is being crossed.

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