Stack 54. All things Akka

Kito, Danno, and Josh join special guest Francisco López-Sancho (author of Akka in Action) to discuss all things Akka, as well as Scala 3, JetBrains Fleet, Vaadin, MicroProfile 5, Heiledon, M1 MacBook Pros, and more.

UI / Web
Vaadin 22 – Quarkus Support and Stateless Fusion (Juneau)

MicroProfile 5.0 – Soon to be released?

Server Side Java
Helidon 2.4.0 Released

Open Liberty To Support MicroProfile 5, MicroProfile Rest Client 3.0, and more

IDEs and Tools
JetBrains Fleet

All things Akka
Akka site

Francisco’s book: Akka in Action (2nd edition)

Manning discount for all listeners (any book): podstackd21

Machine Learning for Kids!/about

Scala 3


Rectangle Mac App (Kito)

Getting Things Done

Making it all Work (Kito)

jBang (Josh)

Java Advent (Josh)

Other Pubhouse Network podcasts
Breaking into Open Source


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