Stackd 67: AI NullPointers

Danno and Kito are back for an engaging chat with two Java Champions, who are co-authors of the Visual Recognition Machine Learning API for Java (JSR #318): Frank Grecko (consultant, enterprise architect, NYJavaSIG chairman), and Zoran Sevarac (AI researcher, creator of Neurograph and CEO and Co-founder of Deep Netts). They dive deep into all things AI with the creation of JSR 318, using Java for machine learning, DeepNets, LLMs, Stack Overflow’s OverflowAI, JetBrains’ AI Coding Assistant, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, OpenJDK Panama Project, Llma 2, Prompt Engineering, Stable Diffusion, Apache Zeppelin, Tensorboard, H2O.aiI, Spark, Deep Java Library. They also touch on JavaOne’s resident band, the NullPointers, as well as the evolution of the NYJavaSIG, and much more!

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Server Side Java


  • AI Coding Assistant – IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace (
  • Announcing OverflowAI – Stack Overflow Blog (


Java Platform

  • JDK 21 LTS (
  • Record Patterns, Virtual Threads, Pattern matching for switch


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