Episode 47. Microsoft flexing its Java Muscle, JavaFX is Alive and Well, and “Would you approve my low quality PR?”

Oh gosh, there’s so much news going around, beginning with Microsoft acquiring JClarity (and all that brain trust that comes w/it!). Martinj Verburg, Kirk Pepperdine, and Ben Evans are household names when it comes to Java (including their efforts on spinning and maintaining AdoptOpenJDK.net). It shows that Microsoft is serious, and they want to invest in a big way in the Java Ecosystem

And of course! This is one of the few episodes where our local Curmudgeon (@michaelminella) won’t be talking too much on the following topic, since VMWare came back and bought Pivotal (again!). We are pretty sure that VMWare just wanted Michael back, but they had to buy the whole Pivotal to do so.

And then we check up on JavaFX, which its alive and well, thanks to many contributors, but one company is really putting tons of effort and making it a first-class citizen of the Java Ecosystem. GluonHQ! As an old Swing developer, I relish that while web is good, there’s still something around desktop (and native-like mobile) applications.

And we ended up with a big discussion on the Tampere University Study, called “Does Code Quality Affect Pull Request Acceptance? An empirical study”. We all have different opinions on it as we come from way different backgrounds. In all, an interesting discussion that reveals what we tend to forget, that Coding is a social activity!

In all a jam-packed episode with great news, announcements, and punditry. Take a listen now! (and if you can, buy us a beer!)

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