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Episode 25 – Feb 2015

Episode 24 – Jan 2015

Kito, Ian, Daniel and Reza cover new Enterprise Java releases, including Jersey, RichFaces, AngularJS, TypeScript, JMS, Akka, Spring, Hibernate OGM, JSF, Scala and more. They also discuss Oracle’s new Alta UI project, as well as Adopt-a-JSR, JavaOne videos, and more.

UI Tier

Oracle Ulta UI


JSF 2.3 initial milestone

Jersey 2.5

RichFaces 4.5.2

AngularJS 1.3.9 Released

Planning AngularJS 1.4

TypeScript 1.4 Released

Persistence Tier

Infinispan 7.0.2

Hibernate OGM 4.1.1

Services Tier (Middleware & Microservices)

JMS 2 errata release

Java EE Security JSR

Java EE Management JSR

WebLogic Maven Repository

Akka 2.3.8 Maintenance Release

Spring Framework 4.1.4 & 4.0.9 & 3.2.13 released


Apache Validator Released  

Maven 3.2.5 Released

Scala 2.11.5 Released  

Spring Boot 1.2.1 released

Spring Session 1.0.0.RELEASE

Spring IO Platform 1.1.1 released

Spring Batch and Spring Batch Admin Releases



JavaOne Videos for Free

What about the other Java EE 8 launched JSRs?


No Fluff Just Stuff

Additional Notes:

JSON Web Token

Episode 23 – Dec 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases of AngularJS, PrimeFaces, MyFaces, Bootstrap, Hadoop, Spring Roo, Tomcat, Arquillian, Spring Framework, Spring Integration, Akka, Solr, Lucene, and more. They also discuss the forking of Node.js, microservices vs app servers, and a recent blog post about why you shouldn’t use JSF.

UI Tier

RichFaces 4.5.1.Final released

MyFaces Core 2.2.6 released

PrimeFaces Elite triple released

AngularJS 1.3.0 Aria support

Bootstrap 3.3.1 released

Persistence Tier

Apache Hadoop 2.5.0 is released

Spring Roo 1.3.0 introduces JDK 8 support

Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.0.3 Released


Arquillian OSGi 1.1.1.Final released

Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha1


Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA Released

Spring Security OAuth 2.0.4.RELEASE Available Now

Spring Framework 4.1.2 & 4.0.8 & 3.2.12 released

Akka 2.3.7 Maintenance Release

Apache Tomcat 6.0.43 released

Release of Apache DeltaSpike 1.1.0

Apache Camel 2.13.3 Released

Apache Solr 4.10.2 released

Apache Lucene 4.10.2 released

Node.js forked


Is Middleware done for in favor of Microservices?

Why You Should Avoid JSF

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 22 – October 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel discuss JavaOne, JSF, web frameworks, mobile development, Internet of Things, and new JBoss, Apache, PrimeFaces, Spring, MySQL, and TypeSafe releases.

UI Tier

JavaOne Update: Kito’s JSF sessions

When the PrimeFaces Bootstrap Theme Isn’t Enough

What’s Next for JSF?

eBay, Connecting Buyers and Sellers Globally via JavaServer Faces

JavaOne Update:

JavaOne Update: Web Framework Smackdown

JavaOne Update: Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) (sessions)

JavaOne Update: JSF 2.3 – Integration with Front-End Frameworks

PrimeFaces 5.1 Released

New in RichFaces 4.5: Charts

Middle Tier

JBossWS 4.3.1 Released

Infinispan 7.0.0.CR1 Released

JBoss BPM 6.0.3 Released

Apache Lucene/Solr 4.10.1 Released

Apache Cayenne 3.1 Released

Apache Tomcat 8.0.14 Released

Apache UIMA Ruta 2.2.1 Released

Apache Storm Released as top-level project

Apache TomEE wins Duke’s Choice award at JavaOne

Spring Framework 4.1.1 released

Spring XD 1.0.1 released

Spring Boot 1.1.7 released

Persistence Tier

MySQL REST API introduced

Slick 2.0 GA released


Arquillian ShrinkWrap 2.2.0-beta-1 released

Arquillian AngularJS 1.2.0-beta-1 Graphene Plugin released


JavaOne Update: Java 8 Embedded

JDK 8 for Mobile iOS and Android Devices

JavaOne Update: Internet of Things

Universal Development Kit for Creating and Deploying Smart Home/Building Applications

Gateway One


JavaOne highlights: Portlet EG meeting, Servlet EG meeting, Java Hub, Java Community Keynote, Duke’s Cafe


No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 21 – Aug 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel change up the format to involve more discussion. They discuss the new Java EE JSRs (JSF, JMS, Servlet, CDI, Java API for JSON Binding, etc.) plus entirely new proposals such as MVC and Java API for JSON Binding. Other topics include RichFaces, PrimeFaces, Apache TomEE, Delta Spike, QUnit, Angular.js. Hibernate OGM, Spring Boot, JBoss Errai, and more, plus upcoming conferences.

If you have feedback on the new format, please let us know.

UI Tier

Mojarra 2.2.8 released

PrimeFaces 5.0.5, 4.0.18, 3.5.28 released

RichFaces 4.5.0.Alpha3 released

ICEfaces EE 3.3.0.GA_P02 released

JSF 2.3 JSR proposal

Servlet 4.0

Java API for JSON Binding

Spring Framework 4.1 — Spring MVC Improvements

Java EE MVC 1.0 JSR

Middle Tier

Apache TomEE JAX-RS / Arquillian starter project

Delta Spike 1.0 Released

Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0

It’s time to begin JMS 2.1.

Persistence Tier

Hibernate OGM nominated for Duke’s Choice Award

Apache Hadoop 2.5.0 is released

Apache Sqoop 1.4.5 released


Jena 2.12.0 released

Spring XD 1.0 GA Released

Spring Boot 1.1.5 released

Errai 3.1.0.CR1, 3.0.2.Final and 2.4.5.Final released!


  • JavaZone – Oslo, Norway – September 9th-11th
  • JavaOne – San Francisco, CA September 28 – October 2, 2014
  • Devoxx – Antwerp, Belgium – November 10th-14th

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Episode 20 – May 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel discuss new releases from Spring, JBoss, ICEsoft, PrimeFaces, Apache, IBM, and TypeSafe. They also discuss build tools, the future of JSF, Daniel’s languagematrix project, and the Mojarra web site.

Daniel’s project: language-matrix: Code snippets to do useful things for 11 languages: C, C++, Groovy, Ruby, Java, Scala, Python, Haskell, Javascript, Lisp, Clojure.

New Releases Spring

Spring Framework 4.0.4 released

Spring Integration 4.0 Released

Spring Social 1.1.0 Released

Spring Boot 1.0.2.RELEASE Available Now

Spring Batch 2.2.6.RELEASE is now available

Spring AMQP 1.3 Released

Groovy 2.3 Released


Teiid 8.7 Final Released  

Weld 2.2 (CDI 1.2 reference implementation) released!

JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.1.4.Final / JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 7.0.1.GA

ModeShape 3.7.2.Final is available

Hibernate ORM 4.2.12.Final Released

Immutant 1.1.1 Released

Forge 2.4.1.Final (Roasted) Released

Arquillian AngularJS 1.2.0.Alpha1 Released

JavaServer Faces

MyFaces Core v2.2.3 Released

PrimeFaces 5 Released

PrimeFaces Elite 4.0.13 Released

PrimeFaces Extensions 2.0 Released

RichFaces 4.3.6.Final Released

ICEfaces 4.0 Beta Released!


Apache Lucene 4.8.0 released

Apache Solr 4.8.0 released

Apache Portable Runtime 1.5.1 released  

Apache Archiva 1.3.8 released

Apache jClouds 1.7.2 released

Apache Commons Lang 3.3.2 released

Apache CouchDB 1.5.1 released

Apache Syncope 1.0.9 and 1.1.7 released

Apache Tomcat 7.0.53 released

Apache Struts Zero Day Vulnerability


Announcing IBM Codename: BlueMix for Eclipse Beta

WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit – Liberty Tech Preview

Announcing: April betas for Liberty profile and WebSphere Developer Tools


Scala 2.11 Has Arrived!

Typesafe announces Akka Streams, a part of the Reactive Streams Initiative

Activator 1.1 Integrates App Inspection and a New UI


Guava 17 Released

jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 Released

Git 1.9.2 Released  

IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.2 Update is Available

Updated: Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support

Java ME 8 Arrives


Mojarra site gets a facelift


No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 19 – Mar 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from Spring, MyFaces, TypeSafe, JBoss, Oracle, and Apache. They also discuss the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, the state of JavaServer Faces, Angular.js, Eclipse, and more.

New Releases Spring

JavaServer Faces

Apache (Gutted most of it, so Kito can finish up)

RedHat / JBoss





Events No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 18 – Jan 2014

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from Spring, MyFaces, ICEsoft, JBoss, Oracle, and Apache. They also discuss responsive design, the Java EE 8 survey, and James Gosling’s Oracle Report Card.

New Releases Spring

Announcing Spring Framework 4.0 GA Release

The Spring Framework 4.1 plan – and 4.0.1 & 3.2.7 releases coming up next week

Spring AMQP 1.3.0.M1 and 1.2.1.RELEASE Available

Spring LDAP 2.0.0.RELEASE Released

JavaServer Faces

MyFaces Core 2.2.0, 2.1.14, 2.0.20 released

What’s new in MyFaces 2.2

RichFaces 5.0.0.Alpha2 Release Announcement

RichWidgets 0.1 Release Announcement

PrimeFaces 4.0.6 and 3.5.22 Released

PrimeFaces 5.0 Roadmap

PrimeFaces Certification Program

Mojarra 2.2.5 and 2.1.27 released  

JSF 2.1.22 major performance improvement


Commons Lang 2.3.1 Released

JMeter 2.11 Released  

Commons Exec 1.2 Released

Apache Cloudstack 4.2.1 Released

Apache Tomcat 7.0.50

Commons Beanutils 1.9.1 Released

Apache Wicket 6.13.0 Released

Apache Camel 2.11.3 Released

RedHat / JBoss

Portlet Bridge 3.3.1.Final released

ModeShape 3.7.1.Final is available

Red Hat and the CentOS Project Join Forces


Java SE Development Kit 7, Update 51 (Includes Jar timestamp warning)

James Gosling Oracle Report Card


Introducing BridgeIt!

Java EE 8 Survey (Part 1) (Part 2)

Jenkins 1.547 Released


GlassFish commercial supported versions – January updates

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 17 – Nov 2013

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from Spring, PrimeFaces, ICEsoft, JBoss, IBM, Oracle, Apache, and TypeSafe. They also discuss Oracle’s decision to drop support for GlassFish, and RebelLabs’ Decision Maker’s Guide to Java Web Frameworks.

Sorry to post this so late! Apparently moving and getting a podcast up don’t mix…

New Releases Spring News

Spring 3.2.5 released

Spring 4.0 RC1 released

Spring Boot 0.5.0.M6 Released

Spring Integration 2.2.6 is Now Available

Spring Mobile 1.1.0 Released

Spring Data Arora SR3 released

PrimeFaces News

PrimeFaces for .NET Cancelled

Client Side Validation Framework

PrimeFaces 4.0 Released

Async-IO and PrimeTek Partnership

ICEsoft News

ICEpdf 5.0.4 Released

Apache News









JBoss News

Arquillian Portal Extension 1.1.0.Alpha1 Released

Arquillian Warp for JSF Portlet testing

Infinispan Arquillian Container 1.1.0.Alpha1 released

Arquillian Warp 1.0.0.Alpha5 Released

Arquillian Transaction Extension 1.0.0.Final Released

Arquillian REST Extension 1.0.0.Alpha1 Released

Arquillian Graphene 2.0 – Functional Testing with Elegance

Arquillian Droidium 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

Arquillian TestRunner Spock 1.0.0.Beta2 Released

Arquillian Container WebSphere AS 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

Arquillian Drone Extension 1.2.0.Final Released

Arquillian Extension QUnit 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

Portlet Bridge 3.3.0.CR1 released

CDI in Standard Portlets with Red Hat JBoss Portal 6.1 Beta

Milestone 2 of Errai 3.0 and Errai 2.4.2.Final released!

Hibernate OGM 4.0.0.Beta4 is out  

ModeShape 3.6.0.Final is available

Teiid 8.6 Alpha2 Posted

Portlet Bridge 3.3.0.Beta2 released

AeroGear Unified Push Server 0.8.1 released

Forge 1.4.2.Final Released

Hibernate Search: 4.4.0.Final released, with 4.5.0.Alpha1 released too

Hibernate ORM 4.2.7.SP1 Released

Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.Beta5 Release

JBoss Tools 4.1.1 Alpha2  

JBoss Data Virtualization 6 Beta

Infinispan 6.0.0.CR1 is available!

JGroups 3.4.0.Final released


Release: JDK8 Early Access

Java 7 Update 40


New in V8.5.5.Next Alpha of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Developer Tools


Scala 2.10.3 Released

ScalaIDE 4.0 Released

Akka 2.2.3 Released

sbt 0.13 Released




Oracle abandons commercial support for Glassfish (Arun Gupta booked it to RedHat) (All)

JCP Executive Committee Election Results

The 2014 Decision Maker’s Guide to Java Web Frameworks (All)

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 16 – Jul 2013

Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from SpringSource, PrimeFaces, ICEsoft, JBoss, IBM, Oracle, and TypeSafe. They also try out recording the newscast using Google Hangouts instead of Skype.

New Releases   Spring News

Spring-AMQP 1.2.0 Release Candidate is Now Available!

Spring Social Facebook 1.0.3 Released

Spring XD 1.0 Milestone 1 Released



Spring Integration 3.0 milestone 2

TcServer 2.9.2 is now available


PrimeFaces Starter Book

JSF 2.2 Pass Through Attributes

New Component: Fragment

Show Message in a Dialog

Dialog Framework

PrimeFaces Elite 3.5.7 Released


ICEmobile 1.3 released


Apache Archiva 1.4-M4 released

Apache PDFBox 1.8.2 released

Apache Jackrabbit 2.6.2 released

Apache S4 0.6.0-incubating release

Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS 0.9.0 released

MyFaces Core v2.1.12 Release

Apache CloudStack 4.1.0 Released

Apache Log4j-2.0-beta7 released

Apache Nutch 2.2 Released

Apache Tomcat 7.0.41 released

Apache Commons NET 3.3 released

Apache Traffic Server 3.3.4-dev is released

Apache HttpComponents HttpClient 4.3-beta2 released

Apache Qpid 0.22 released

Apache Syncope 1.1.2 released

Apache Subversion 1.8.0 Released

Apache Lucene 4.3.1 released

Apache Solr 4.3.1 released

Apache jclouds 1.6.1-incubating released

Apache Portable Runtime library 1.4.8 Released

Apache Hama 0.6.2 has been released.

Apache Camel 2.10.5 released

Apache CouchDB 1.3.1 released

Apache Kafka 0.8.0-beta1 Released

Apache ODF Toolkit 0.6-incubating released


Better maven integration with the Byteman 2.1.3 release

JBossWS 4.2.0.CR1 and the WS-Policy sets

Infinispan 5.3.0.Final is out!

Forge 1.3.2.Final Released

RHQ 4.8 released

AeroGear.js 1.1.0 Release

Arquillian TestRunner Spock 1.0.0.Beta1 Released

Arquillian Warp 1.0.0.Alpha3 Released

GridLogZ: In-Memory Log Analysis

RichFaces 5.0.0.Alpha1 Release Announcement

Arquillian Google Guice Extension 1.0.0.Alpha1 Released

Arquillian Spring Framework Extension 1.0.0.Beta2 Released


Arun Gupta: Eclipse 4.1 Kepler released

Java 7 Update 25 released – 40 security holes patched

Java EE 7 Released

Java EE 7 (Oracle Press Release)

JSF2.2 and HTML5 Article on Infoq

Java EE 7 Introduces WebSocket Support

GlassFish 4 Released

GlassFish 4 Release Notes (PDF)


WebSphere Application Server and Developer Tools V8.5.5 available now


Takipi released

Typesafe Activator 0.2.1 Released

Slick 1.0.1 release

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

  • ScalaSummit, Crested Butte, Colorado
    • August 19 – 21, 2013
  • JavaZone, Oslo, Norway
    • Sep 11-12
  • JavaOne, San Francisco
    • Sep 22-26
  • Devoxx Belgium, Antwerp
    • November 11-15
  • jDays, Gothenburg, Sweden (Call for Papers ends Aug 25th)
    • Nov 26-27