Episode 39 – Jan 2018

In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss their key areas of focus for the New Year, as well as naming for EE4J and Java EE, plus Polymer, PrimeNG, Bootstrap, Arquillian, Hibernate, Spring Cloud, Docker, Machine Learning, adoption of Agile practices, and more.

UI Tier

Polymer Decorators 1.0 Released

Polymer 3.0: New year, new preview

OmniFaces 3.0 Released

PrimeNG 5.2.0-RC1 Released

PrimeFaces EL Security Vulnerability

Bootstrap 4 Released

TypeScript 2.7.0 Released

Java EE

Joint Community Open Letter on Java EE Naming and Packaging (KM)

EE4J: Current Status and What’s Next

Arquillian Core 1.2.1.Final Released

Persistence Tier

Hibernate Picked as Project of the Month on Sourceforge

New Hibernate Community Forum

Hibernate 5.9.0CR1 Released

Services (Middleware & Microservices)

Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.3.0.RC1 Released


Cortex Graphical AI Interface

Machine Learning Guide Podcasts


(Any product, tool, etc. that you really like; doesn’t have to be related to programming)


State of Scrum Report 2017-2018

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu Mini


ng-europe – Feb 1-2nd, 2018, Paris, France

Devnexus – Feb 21st-23rd, 2018, Atlanta, GA, US

ng-conf – April 18th-20th, 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) – April 24-27th, 2018, Bangalore, India

RiveriaDev – May 16-18, 2018, French Riviera, France

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Episode 38 – Dec 2017

In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss microservices, MicroProfile, Java EE, Wildfly, ActiveMQ, KeyCloak, OpenShift, and Docker with special guest Steven Pousty, Head of Developer Advocacy for Red Hat. They also discuss Polymer with TypeScript, Angular 5, Getting Things Done, the Pomodoro Technique, Eclipse Che, and more.


UI Tier

PolymerTS 0.2.3 Released

Angular 5 Released

Java EE

Wildfly 11 Released

RestEasy 4.0.0.Beta1 Released

Spring Security 5.0.0 Released


Persistence Tier

Hibernate 5.0.0

Services (Middleware & Microservices)

Google Cloud moving to Java 8!


The problem we are all looking at with the new “support model” for the JDK:



Questions for Steven:

  • How long have been in your new role
  • What is your Java/middleware experience
  • Tell us your perspective on microprofile.io
  • How about EE4J
  • What is the advantage of Wildfly/JBoss domain mode now that containerization exists (e.g. multiple standalone hosts on Docker for example with same configuration in mod_cluster environment)?
  • Docker swarm vs. Kubernetes – what are the differences/benefits?
  • What are the most popular open source projects at Red Hat these days?
  • What some of your favorite projects at Red Hat right now
  • Coming from Kubernetes land can you tell us some more about containers
  • What are you most excited about right now – it’s an awesome time to be a Java developer. Actually may be the best time EVER.
  • What areas does OpenShift actually cover? (i.e. how does it compare to AWS, Google Cloud Services, Azure, etc.)

Other topics:


(Any product, tool, etc. that you really like; doesn’t have to be related to programming)

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Eclipse Che and are we ready to move to Web Based IDEs

LocationTech and OSGEO – you too should do geospatial

IDEA 2017.3 Released

Emett – efficient way of writing HTML in editors

Pomodoro Technique



Snow Camp – Jan 24th – 27th 2018, Alps, France

ng-europe – Feb 1-2nd, 2018, Paris, France

Devnexus – Feb 21st-23rd, 2018, Atlanta, GA, US

RiveriaDev – May 16-18, 2018, French Riviera, France

No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 37 – Nov 2017

In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss all things Java, Java EE, and JavaOne with special guest JavaOne Rockstar and Java Guardian Reza Rahaman. They also discuss Microprofile, Angular 5, and more.

Unfortunately, the video for this podcast was truncated about 1/2 way through the podcast, but if still want to watch it, it is available on YouTube.

UI Tier

PrimeNG 5.0RC0 Released

Node.js 8.9.0 released

Angular 5 released

Persistence Tier



Kafka 1.0 Released

Docker 17.10.0-ce  released

JavaOne and JavaEE

Java EE 8 Released

EE4J Announcement

Eclipse Microprofile 1.2 Released

Strong support for Java SE

Open Sourcing the commercial features of JVM

IBM open sourced WebSphere Liberty Edition

IBM open sourced its JVM

Microsoft introduced Azure Functions with Java support

Oracle introduced Fn (Functional Development Kit) with Java support

Key topics: Java 9, Microservices, AI/Machine Learning, Chatbots, etc.


  • 6-month release cycles for Java

Other JavaOne Presentations on YouTube!


ng-europe – Feb 1-2nd, 2018, Paris, France

Devnexus – Feb 21st-23rd, 2018, Atlanta, GA, US

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Episode 36 – Oct 2017

Due to a variety of circumstances (including the move to Libsyn for hosting), this episode is being posted late. It was originally recorded in September, 2017.

In this episode, Kito, Danno, and Ian discuss the Equifax hack (caused by an unpatched version of Struts), news from the Polymer Summit, Oracle’s donation of Java EE to Eclipse, Docker in-depth, and more.

UI Tier

Equifax hack: Using Struts and they did not patch.

Polymer 3 Announced – Move to NPM and ES6

Ionic releases Stencil – Web Components Compiler

PrimeReact 1.0.0-Final Released

Java EE

Oracle donates Java EE to Eclipse Foundation

Microprofile.io – Standard for Java EE-based microservices

Vavr.io – functional library for Java 8/9 



  • First impressions
    • Key concepts: containers, images, volumes, networks, stacks, swarm, nodes
    • Docker CE vs EE
    • Cost savings, efficiency, ease of use
  • Tools, tools, tools (compose, docker-machine, docker CLI, Docker for Mac, Kitematic, Docker Cloud, Docker Hub, orchestration tools (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm), IDE integration (Eclipse Docker support, Webstorm Docker tooling)
  • Deploying docker in the cloud (EC2, MS Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • Docker for developers
    • Dockerfile, base images, installing Java, database, web server, stacks, compose files, local swarm
  • Docker in production
    • Scaling a service, private Docker registry (on Nexus), swarm mode
  • Docker gotchas
    • Persistent data in the cloud
    • Swarm mode overlay networking
    • Development environment host VM cache
    • Zombie processes (TINI)
  • Docker releases
    • Current stable: 17.07.0-ce
    • Edge channel


  • Nozbe – task management


No Fluff Just Stuff



Episode 35 – Jul 2017

Kito and Danno discuss Google I/O, PWAs, Polymer, Java EE 8, JavaOne, testing, TypeScript, augmented reality, Kotlin, Java 9, and more.

UI Tier

Google I/O

Polymer 2

Progressive Web Apps

Java EE

Java EE 8 update


Java 9 and Jigsaw


JavaOne 2017

TypeScript 2.4 – breaking backwards compatibility

Kotlin now supported for Android


ARKit — potential of augmented reality

Idris – Haskellish language



No Fluff Just Stuff

Episode 34 – Apr 2017

Kito and Danno discuss JSF, Polymer, BootsFaces, Java EE 8, microprofile.io, AWS S3 going down, and more.

UI Tier

PrimeReact 1.0.0-Alpha.1 Released

JSF 2.3 Released

Getting Started with BootsFaces: a Tutorial


Polymer 2.0 RC1

Java EE 8

Persistence Tier

Discussion: What’s the new actual database for enterprise now anyway?

Services (Middleware & Microservices) Tier

Docker! How cool is this stuff?

Docker 1.13 released


Java 9 to be released soon

Pirates of the JVM

IBM WebSphere architect apologizes


  • AWS S3 went down. Including many services. What aren’t people doing right?
  • What are people most interested in at NFJS conferences?


  • Yoink
  • Zoom in/zoom out w/Keyboard on Mac (Command-Option-8)

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Episode 33 – Mar 2017

After a long hiatus, Kito, Ian, and Danno discuss a variety of topics, including Elm, Angular, JSweet, PrimeNG, Web Components, Polymer, TypeScript, and more.


Angular 2 released (Sept 2016)

Angular 4 planned – What? (Dec 2016)

Angular 2.4.5 released (Jan 2017)

Angular Universal – Isomorphic JavaScript for Angular 2

PrimeNG 2.0.1 released

Polymer 2.0 Preview



JSF 2.3 in public review

Webfaces —  integration between JSF and Web Components

Writing Angular apps with Java and JSweet


Episode 32 – Mar 2016

A lively discussion with Kito, Daniel, and special guest Java Champion Arun Gupta. They discuss a variety of topics, including Docker, Kubernetes, the future of Java EE, Couchbase, the impact of removing a popular NPM package, health and fitness, and more.


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Episode 31 – Feb 2016

Kito, Danno, and special guest Cagatay Civici discuss font-end web development, Angular2, Web Components, PrimeFaces and related projects (Prime Elements, PrimeUI, and PrimeNG), Java EE MVC, Oracle dropping the Java plugin, and Oracle’s commitment to Java EE and the JCP.

News / Articles

Single Page Applications with BootsFaces


Please Welcome Siwpas as a Java EE Certified Option

Latest Java 9 News

Proposed Schedule Change for Java 9


  • Java EE MVC – does anyone care about old-school server “MVC” frameworks anymore?
  • Does Oracle still care about Java EE?
  • Oracle drops Java plugin

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

Links from Cagatay



Other links

http://knowesis.io/web/webcomponents – Fresh info about web components and related technologies

Hacking HTML5 Web Components and Polymer course in London

Episode 30 – Dec 2015

Kito, Daniel, Ian and special guest Venkat Subramaniam discuss a wide variety of topics including JavaOne, Java lambdas, microservices, ES2015’s class syntax, and his new book, Pragmatic Scala (the second edition of Programming Scala). In fact, the discussion was so great that we skipped the new releases! They are, however, included here for your reference.

UI Tier


JSR 378: Portlet 3.0 Bridge for JavaServerTM Faces 2.2 Specification

X-tags Released with Microsoft Backing

PrimeFaces Elite 5.3.2 Released

PrimeFaces Elite 5.2.15 Released

PrimeTek Partners with T2 Software

Extensions Project Joins PrimeFaces

ICEfaces 4.0

AngularJS 2.x – Developer Preview Blog

RichFaces 4.5.11.Final Released

Persistence Tier

Hibernate Search 5.5.1.Final

Services (Middleware & Microservices) Tier

Apache Karaf – Version 4.0.3

Beta: WAS Liberty beta with tools (December 2015)

Plants by WebSphere example application

Arquillian Liferay 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

HTTP/2 With JBoss EAP 7 – Tech Preview

Arquillian OSGi 2.1.0.Final Released

Immutant 2.1.1 Release

Liferay 7 Alpha 3

Introducing the Launchpad Project (Developer Preview)

eXo Platform 4.2.1 Enterprise released

WebLogic Now Java EE 7 Compatible!


Arquillian Droidium 1.0.1.Final Released


Arquillian Recorder 1.1.0.Final Released


Microsoft open-sources Visual Studio Code, launches free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program

JavaOne Recap

Events No Fluff Just Stuff

A few links added by Venkat: